Usability Testing and Evaluation (INLS 719), Spring 2023, Spring 2024
This graduate-level course explores central concepts in usability engineering, testing, and evaluation including the user experience (UX) lifecycle, contextual inquiry, formal and informal evaluation techniques, measures and metrics, qualitative and quantitative approaches, and reporting.

Research Methods Overview (INLS 581), Spring 2021, Spring 2022
This graduate-level course explores the design, interpretation, analysis, and application of published research with a focus on research in the field of information and library science. Core class required for MSIS and MSLS students.

Human Information Interactions (INLS 500), Fall 2015, Fall 2016
UNC SILS, Instructor
This graduate-level course provides a broad survey of human information interactions through broad examination of information science literature. Students examine cognitive, social, organizational/institutional, and behavioral approaches to understanding interactions between people and information.

Systems Analysis (INLS 582), Spring 2016
UNC SILS, Instructor
The graduate-level course introduces basic concepts underlying systems analysis, focusing on contextual inquiry/design and data modeling, and the application of those analysis techniques in the analysis and design of organizational information systems.

Usability Testing and Evaluation (INLS 690-172), Fall 2013
UNC SILS, Apprentice Teacher
Assisted Dr. Capra with teaching (3 3-hour guest lectures) and grading.
Topics: Evaluation Preparation, Reporting Results, Rapid User Experience Methods

Guest Lectures

INLS 690-172, Usability Testing and Evaluation, Fall 2016, Dr. Rob Capra
Topic: Usability Test Plans

INLS 581, Research Methods, Spring 2015, Professor Diane Kelly
Topic: Concurrent and retrospective think-aloud

INLS 490, Usability Engineering, Spring 2010, Instructor Todd Barlow
Topic: The role of usability at the UNC Health Sciences Library


Technical and Software Trainer, 1998-2000
Conducted 1-3 day training sessions on a variety of topics including project management using Microsoft Project, insurance claim estimation software

Middle School Teacher, Countryside School, 1996-1998
Taught social studies, pre-algebra and elementary French